/CSR & Certification

A better world is also our responsibility.

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) began in 2003, when it became a priority on the International Agenda during the Italian Presidency of the European Union. We assisted the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies in this process, which resulted in numerous events and enriched international debate before becoming an integral part of our corporate evolution.

Creating, planning, and executing events while minimizing their environmental impact quickly became one of our top priorities. Our dedication has never wavered.

In 2001 Triumph Italy was certified ISO 9001, optimising the company structure in accordance with the Quality Management System standard. Since 2013, it has adopted an Organisation, Management and Control Model compliant with Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 (MOGC), which it maintains and renews on an annual basis. In 2016, it obtained ISO 20121 certification, thus choosing an organisational design based on the economic management of the environmental and social impacts of events and the people involved in their production.

As our longest-established subsidiary, Triumph Italy has had time and the opportunity to implement actions that have become good practices inspiring the internal policies of other subsidiaries.

Over the years, the concept of CSR has evolved and been integrated into our corporate strategy.

In 2021 we became a Benefit Corporation, voluntarily adopting the new corporate status that implies adherence to the values of transparency, ethics and responsibility towards people, the environment and the common good; a transversal change that modifies the company’s business paradigm from the traditional one, mainly profit-oriented, to the production of sustainable values for all stakeholders.

In addition, in 2021 we drew up our first Sustainability Report.

Making our impact. Improving the future.

Our first Sustainability Report coincides with the start of a new chapter that analyses the current situation and describes the projects and measures done to improve the company’s social, environmental, and economic impact.
This document has become a strategic tool for all stakeholders, both internal and external, since its initial edition, and it explains the group’s growth path year after year.

Special projects

Social engagement

Important decisions must be made as a group.

We collect and share projects of different nature, but with the same great objective, and together we choose how to support them, to make their values our own.