A better world is our responsibility, too.

Our journey in Corporate Social Responsibility started in 2003, and has evolved over time by implementing the value system underlying our Group, along with all the processes that enable us to reduce risks and ensure the protection of not only our employees, but all actors involved in our events as well, through compliance with HSE procedures.

Diversity, inclusion and fairness are our core values; diversity boosts our team’s experience, inclusion hones the skills of each individual. This creates a fair environment in which anyone can thrive.

We firmly believe that a sustainable approach is not only the future but also the key to it.

To us, creating green events – that is, planning and staging them in ways that minimize their negative impact on the environment – is just the first step. Our approach moves further, with awareness and a mature mindset, in line with international guidelines and with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Our goal is to pass on a positive legacy to the communities that host our events.

Each event aims to attach great value to the land where it’s held, enhancing culture, traditions, local resources and the concept of farm-to-table.

We design our events in compliance with a certified sustainability model that sets the ground for a serious, aware and innovative approach in all phases of planning, staging and accounting, which is also ISO 20121 certified.

What do we mean by certified sustainability model? The adoption of the principles set out by the ISO 20121 standard: transparency, inclusiveness, integrity, while constantly striving to do better.

We implement this standard in all the aspects of an event’s creation: for instance, we participate in Food for Good, a project aimed at the recovery of surplus food from events, led by Federcongressi&eventi in collaboration with two non-profit organizations, Banco Alimentare and Equoevento.

To find out more, please refer to our sustainability reports, which testify to our commitment in favor of a sustainable approach.

The integrated Policy for Quality and Sustainability   ISO 9001   ISO 20121   Report SIM