Special Projects A small green area donated by the WCD2019 to Milan

Tag: csr, environmental sustainability, congress

On 18 October 2019 Triumph Group International thanked Milan for hosting the major event by planting trees in the Parco Nord.

400 trees, including farnias, oaks and maples, planted in Parco Nord. A gift to the city of Milan as a thank you for hosting the 24th World Congress of Dermatology. After successfully organizing the Congress, we decided to plant the new trees with the stakeholders, suppliers, and partners who made the great meeting of 17,000 participants from all over the world possible. Planting trees in Milan, which generously hosted a major event with significant economic ramifications for the city and its environs, as a form of partial compensation for the CO2 emissions that are unavoidably generated when organising events.

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