Triumph Group International appoints Paolo Donadio as new Managing Director

Rome, 30 September 2021 – As of September 1st, Paolo Donadio is the new Managing Director of Triumph Group International (TGI). He will be leading the Group on its journey of growth and internal restructuring, with the purpose of entering the continuously evolving global market and adapting the Group’s operating model to the needs dictated by the “new normal”.


In order to guarantee the development of the business strategy aiming towards internationalization, digitalization and sustainability, in September, TGI – a holding company with offices around the globe – has acquired a digital marketing company, thus internalizing a skill set that is in great demand, and has now identified Dr. Donadio as a high-profile figure who will be able to implement the new business paradigm that has been established.


Paolo Donadio, 49 years old, with a degree in Business and Economics from Università Statale di Milano, brings to TGI his well-established international experience in content production, in communication, in the digital world and in planning large-scale events. From ViacomCBS to Banijay via MTV networks: all highly innovative and creative environments. The managerial and creative skills needed to consolidate Triumph Group’s new positioning.


“Dr. Donadio’s arrival testifies to the Group’s commitment to a long-term development. We want to continue on the path we undertook 35 years ago and further strengthen our competitive placement in an ever-changing market. The world of events is evolving at great speed and its sphere of influence is expanding, and it has been for a while, far beyond event planning and production. Communication and marketing have been incorporated into our organization, that is now getting excellent feedback in the social, cultural and economic fields as well” States Maria Criscuolo, chairwoman of Triumph Group International.

“Certainly, over the past months, we have witnessed great changes. The market has changed, and so has work. The balance we are now moving towards is dynamic and it comprises physical and digital, real and virtual” States Paolo Donadio, new Managing Director of Triumph Group International. “Everything is now characterized by speed and interconnection between different fields and contents that become contaminated and give life to new scenarios where the significance of creativity is growing. TGI’s business model, that was already going through changes before the pandemic, has proven itself to be flexible and resilient and thus able to face the changes and the complexity of the markets. To me, the decision to take on this new challenge comes from the trust I have in the Group’s potential as well as from an innate propensity to embrace new opportunities and challenges”.