Snam SNAM WGC -27th World Gas Conference 2018

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SNAM WGC -27<sup>th</sup> World Gas Conference 2018

Dates and location: 25-29 June 2018 - Washington D.C.

Target: Stakeholder, Gas Industry

We designed a visually and emotionally high-impact institutional stand, a dynamic narration of the SNAM world that used technology as a key factor to shape a truly sustainable future, day by day.

The World Gas Conference is the largest and most important global gas event, attended by the key players in the industry on a worldwide scale.

Snam, as a prominent actor in the European energy policy, asked us to plan its presence in the event, in a memorable, cutting-edge way. This presence aimed to reaffirm its leadership and its proactive role in defining the energy scenarios of the future.

Our set up enshrined SNAM’s future-minded approach, with three circular elements recalling the shapes of gasometers, made up of LED tubes and large interactive screens displaying images and videographics, to create an evocative and emotional storytelling through technology.

The stand was the setting for the presentation of the brand’s activities in the gas industry and for the Group’s social and PR initiatives: private meetings and open sessions as well as social gatherings.

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