Japan National Tourism Organization JNTO

Making the charm of the Rising Sun even more timeless

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Date: 2019 - 2020

Target: Italian audience around the world

The oriental world, with its various traditions, cultures and attitudes, has overwhelmed us in a project to enhance the value of JNTO – the Japanese Tourist Board.

The first step towards recreating the experience of a unique land like Japan was the activation of an Instagram channel, the only social network capable of restoring a visual identity, at times “tangible”, of the country of a thousand colours and scents.

This is how @visitjapan_it came to be, the tool that allows us to connect Italians from all over the world with the Land of the Rising Sun.

The content and strategic design evolved from the definition of a graphic identity, studied and elaborated on the fly to enhance the client’s personality.

This was followed by the story of Japan, divided into stages, social campaigns, and games to engage users of various ages and interests.

Columns and knowledge pills aimed at increasing interest in Japan as a tourist destination focused on traditions, cinema, food, and off-the-beaten-path locations.

Engaging by knowing is the mantra that has guided us on this journey of awareness for JNTO.