Cortina 2021: the Opening Ceremony a tribute to the Dolomites, Veneto and Italy

The show, created in collaboration with Triumph Group International, will feature Italian rock stars Gianna Nannini and Francesco Gabbani

Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL), 22 January 2021 – The Dolomites, a territory unique in the world for its beauty, is the main protagonist at the Opening Ceremony of the Alpine World Ski Championships, due to be held in Cortina d’Ampezzo Sunday 7 February 2021 and transmitted on Rai2 in Eurovision at 18,00, with millions of viewers from around the world tuned in to see the live transmission.

An imaginative story of great impact that, in 75 minutes, will retrace the history of world championship skiing and illuminate the uniqueness of Italy, of Veneto and of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites, with an explosion of engaging impressions and emotions.

The show that will kick off the two weeks of World Championships is organised by Fondazione Cortina 2021 in collaboration with Triumph Group International, a premier global event organiser. A narrative made of light and sound will embody the culture and history of Cortina d’Ampezzo, home to winter sports since the epic times of the 1956 Olympics. However, it is the future that is the common thread running through the ceremony, with a message of sport, hope and passion as the driving forces for looking to the future with confidence.

The host, Petra Loreggian, one of the best known voices of RDS, will lead the show, alternating performances with more formal moments, such as greetings by the Authorities and the FIS, the parade of the participating teams and the flag ceremony. Great expectations also for Gianna Nannini, whose distinctive voice will echo in the world championship night, firing up Cortina with Italian rock. She will be joined by other high-calibre artists such as Francesco Gabbani, Francesco Montanari, Alfa, Andrea Casta, Jacopo Mastrangelo.

From the past to the present and always directed towards the future, the Ceremony will be a story in which the values of sport are the lifeblood in the growth of communities and territories, then giving way to the splendid human and natural heritage of Veneto (with special focus on Venice and Verona, UNESCO World Heritage Sites), and the abundance of variety offered by Italy.

In particular, the synesthetic performances of the Venice Carnival will be of great visual and emotional impact: The Serenissima, Queen of Water finds in Cortina her ideal Queen of Snow, two pearls in a territory unique in the world. This is the scenography that will welcome Tina Maze, world and Olympic champion, who will wear a magnificent dress designed by Antonia Sautter’s Venetian atelier. The suggestive visual and vocal show will continue with the bewitching atmosphere of the Arena of Verona, a testimony to the uniqueness of an Italian territory among the most famous and best loved worldwide. To represent Ampezzo history and folklore, there will also be a performance by the Musical Corps of Cortina d’Ampezzo, boasting a band tradition dating back to 1861.
It will be a rich programme full of twists and turns that will give voice to the pillars of ‘italianess,’ but with a clear focus on tomorrow, with emphasis on young artists to give life to new hope.

An Opening Ceremony born from the dark, referring to the challenges of the current time in history, and renewed with each act and through each of its protagonists, nourished by their very creativity.

«With the Alpine Ski World Championships we will honour our country – comments Alessandro Benetton, President of Fondazione Cortina 2021 – On 7 February the best version of Italy will go on stage, with the whole world watching: The Italy that knows how to work as a team, that looks to the future with confidence, that is not afraid in the face of adversity, but that rises to the challenge and achieves its goals. Our hope is that from the unparalleled scenery of Queen of the Dolomites, a message of hope and rebirth can reach the world, based on the healthy and constructive values of sport and the mountain».

«The Queen of the Dolomites today sees her world championship dream come true – comments Gianpietro Ghedina, Mayor of Cortina d’Ampezzo – It is a dream for which our entire community has worked tirelessly, shoulder to shoulder, overcoming all obstacles on the way. From citizens, to institution, each one of us will be honoured by the result of this extraordinary event. Cortina presents itself to the world as an emblem of the values of sport and as a message of hope. The opening ceremony will pay tribute to our territory, to Veneto and to Italy, and will no doubt amaze the world with our beauty, and our ability to make it our strength».

«The inaugural appointment of Cortina 2021 represents a fundamental moment for the entire creative industry, which is demonstrating its resilience and confirming its strategic importance for the economy of our country. This great sports event will be an important showcase for Made in Italy» comments Maria Criscuolo, Chairwoman of Triumph Group International.