Italy's General Commissioner for Expo Shanghai 2010 Expo Shanghai

To create the perfect pavilion, we went all the way to China.

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Expo Shanghai

Dates and location: May-October 2010, Shanghai

Target: general public

Triumph Asia won the international tender for managing events at the Italian Pavilion in the Shanghai Expo 2010.

We selected, trained and handled over 200 collaborators, 99% of which Chinese, who were to represent Italian style and culture. The recruitment process was carried out in collaboration with the Italian diplomatic authorities in Shanghai and with the Chinese consulates in Italy. This high-level training was conducted both remotely, during digital sessions based on operational guidelines, and in person, during a week of intensive training.

The second challenge was managing an enormous number of visitors: 73 million attendees in the whole Expo, 7.3 million just in the Italian Pavilion. We impeccably planned and managed our staff, providing for backup staff in case of unexpected spikes in numbers, and making the most of our flexibility by continuously fine-tuning our efforts to manage flows of visitors and guarantee their entertainment and comfort.

Expo Shanghai Expo Shanghai
Expo Shanghai Expo Shanghai Expo Shanghai