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We haven‘t stopped in the face of a long quarantine. We have been researching, we have been training and trained others in return. We have been participating and sharing. This is Triumph Group International.

June, 19 2020

Thanks to this lockdown, Italy has finally taken up a long-awaited (and belated) digital transformation. The compulsory use of digital technologies over the last few months has opened the way for a digitalization process that we will more than likely never to turn away from. The value and reputation of digital technologies has increased noticeably as the only means available to retain business continuity over such unprecedented times, while social contact and travelling were suspended globally. Only the most flexible realities could make it through the most unexpected circumstances resulting from the Covid–19 pandemic.

In Italy, where many enterprises - such as Triumph - have built their long tradition on quality and experience, relations and presence, the rise of digital technology has raised the issue of service transformation: real-life events, virtual events or transposition of real-life events into digital formats.

Words such as webinar, video conference, virtual meeting, direct and e–learning, already known yet seldom used, are now of daily use. The Internet has amplified the power and functionality of its many tools allowing us to keep connected worldwide, to learn, to produce and live emotions.
Although social contacts were severed, and are only partially being restored as we knew them, leading companies of the event industry have remained 100% productive.

We played an active role in the communication campaign #Italialive, the largest group initiative ever created in Italy in the Event v Live Industry, promoted by Club degli Eventi (Event Club). Forty of the most influent companies took part in the campaign to support the entire industry, including local actors of the production chain. #Italialive created occasions for debate, room for sharing and mutual support. The aim was to focus on the odds being faced by the event industry and highlight its significant role in national economy, both in terms of produced income and number of individuals involved.

Digital meetings have filled our agenda: our Chairwoman, Maria Criscuolo, and our Group Managing Director, Jerome Macario, are on the frontline of our social media profiles and frequently appear as guests in virtual meetings.

Milano Digital Week - 2020 Edition was highly representative in the panorama of digital events during Covid-19 times. For the first time, the exhibition ran in fully virtual format. The live conference “Real or Digital Events?” - held on May 30th – gave voice to leading figures in the field including Jerome Macario. He joined a debate with Marco Balich (Balich Worldwide Shows), Andrea Minetto (Head of Culture Department, Coordination of Event and Festivals of the City of Milan) and Roberta Cocco (Head of Digital Trasformation and Civic Services of the City of Milan). Jerome Macario made as well a video contribution in the #ItaliaFacile project (by Comitato Leonardo-Italian Quality Committee) alongside other proponents and representatives of the Made in Italy and Italia brands.

On May 18th, our Chairwoman Maria Criscuolo took part in the webinar "Restarting the event industry: possible scenarios in a new era", organized by the Club degli Eventi and involving the leading managers of the sector. In her speech, she highlighted the growing importance of contents "which now make the real difference. While manual labour is losing ground, ideas and creativity are mostly needed. We must look out to young people".

She, together with our managers, joined the live streaming Maratona on May 2nd and "Stop the virus not your brain" on April 16th, addressing the topic of "Crisis management and communication".

We have not missed occasions for online training, both as trainers and trainees.

On April 28th, Giulia Romano shared knowledge with IULM master‘s degree students of "Event Management and Communication". The lecture, titled "Pharmaceutical Event Organization: ECM Events", addressed the importance of relations with other representatives of the industry (AIFA and Confindustria Dispositivi Medici). On May 5th, Sabrina Altavilla followed with a lecture on "Institutional Event Management and Communication".

Last by not least, four under–30–y.o. colleagues took part in several meetings of Junior for Training by Federcongressi: Flaminia Mattia, Liria Bertoni, Vittoria Petitto, and Claudia Menchi.

Our next future looks quite interesting since our agenda is filled with online appointments. On June 25th and July 2nd, Veronica Del Fiacco, Barbara Aubry and Niccolò De Flumeri will join as trainers in Junior for Training, focusing on the creation process of corporate events and conventions as well as show and entertainment technologies.
And much more is yet to come...

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