The people, the environment, the common good: Triumph Group International becomes a Benefit Corporation

TGI is flying high and evolving towards a new model of sustainable corporation that aims for the creation of social value in addition to economic value

26 July 2021, Rome – Triumph Group International, a company working in the field of the Event & Live Industry, is consolidating its commitment towards a sustainable business by amending its Corporate Bylaws and becoming a Benefit Corporation.


The entirety of Triumph Group, located in several continents, is moving forward in its journey to change its paradigm of corporate business from the traditional business model that is mainly geared towards creating profit, to the production of values that are sustainable from an economic, social and environmental standpoint for all stakeholders. The voluntary adoption of this corporate status engages the Group’s 5 branches (Triumph Asia, Triumph Benelux, Triumph Italy, Triumph Singapore and Triumph UK) in endorsing values of transparency, ethical conduct and accountability towards the people, the environment, and the common good.


“I strongly believe that sustainable development is much more than a social value; I believe that it is an effective way of being and doing business, through a corporate approach aimed at establishing long-term values for all stakeholders, both internally and externally connected to our company. We can thereby achieve a competitive advantage for our Group as well as creating greater value, tangible and intangible alike, for every one of these actors that have a connection to us. And I especially feel, now more than ever, that social, economic and environmental sustainability is a key prerequisite for a company’s durability. Only the organizations that will be able to create value for themselves as well as for the environment, for future generations and for the community, will be truly projected into the future” states Maria Criscuolo, Chairwoman & Founder of Triumph Group International.

“Our decision to adhere to this innovative legislative framework is, in my opinion, a pact that we make, first of all with all of the Group’s employees, and secondly with all our stakeholders. Achieving the common good thus becomes an essential element in TGI, along with the pursuit of profit. While some might view this transformation as the attainment of a goal, to us it is merely the point that marks a new start in the journey towards innovation that we took on several years ago. We have long been pioneers in the communication and implementation of environmental sustainability practices and we are starting to quantify the return on our investments in this field. We are creating more comfortable work environments for the people who work with us and we are preparing our first sustainability report, alongside the many other activities we are currently planning”.


The sustainable development goals that are built into our new bylaws are inspired by the goals set out by the United Nations 2030 Agenda (the so-called SDGs), by the ESG taxonomy (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) in relation to Non-Financial Reporting (NFR), and, before that, to the journey undertaken in 2016 with the ISO 20121 Certification.


In greater detail, TGI’s commitment is mainly geared towards the valorization and the well-being of its employees, by fostering learning opportunities, professional skill development and the creation of a positive work environment. Another key aspect is the search for new modes of operation that can lead to a sustainable implementation of our projects for the preservation of our planet; hence our advisory and consultancy work with our clients, which aims to help improve the environmental and social impact of their events.