SACE SIMEST SACE DAY 2017 – GO BEYOND – The courage to change

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    square meter led wall

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    hostesses e stewards

SACE DAY 2017 – GO BEYOND – The courage to change

Dates and location: 14 December 2017, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome

Target: Employees and institutional stakeholders


SACE’s convention at the end of 2017 needed a claim and a general project to seal the end of a year that brought along significant changes. Our work started from there: gaining a deep insight into the transformations in the company’s internal reality and their external impact, delving into the personal and professional processes of the people who work there on a daily basis, interpreting the individuals’ expectations.

sace day sace day

Hence the concept GO BEYOND – IL CORAGGIO DI CAMBIARE (THE COURAGE TO CHANGE) that gave a voice to the company’s internal motivational needs as well as  the external stakeholders’ views.

The general project placed traditional logistics side by side with high-impact, cutting-edge technologies, such as the 100 square meter led wall or the digital Photo Booth for engagement purposes.

We took care of the organizational office work, acting as a point of contact for the over 1000 participants, in addition to the directing the event and its AV contents in general.

sace day sace day sace day

We sparked emotions, we entertained people, we got them thinking, but above all we contributed to lay the foundations for a new year full of energy and awareness.

sace day sace day