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Natixis Investment Forum

Dates and location: 4 December 2018, The Mall, Milan

Target: financial advisors

This innovative, impeccably performed approach earned the Forum the Federcongressi award for that year.

The Natixis Investment Forum is the main event of the year for the company; all financial advisors are invited to attend and it is an opportunity to assess the state of the art in the industry and discuss the possible future scenarios in terms of economy and investments.

The focus for the 2018 edition was on the uncertainties relating to the sustainability of the effects of “Trumponomics” and on the consequences of normalization, as well as on the future of Italy at a turning point. One of the most impactful speeches was the one given by Bruno Crastes, founder of the asset management company H2O; other prominent attendees were international experts from companies such as Dorval, Loomis Sayles, Ostrum.

Triumph has been planning this summit since 2015, but for the 2018 edition we chose a new approach. We proposed a groundbreaking technological angle, starting from location scouting and curating the set design for the venue, which was The Mall in the heart of Porta Nuova, Milan’s most modern district.

The whole space (4000 square meters) was obscured and the scenographic project unfolded over the walls of the venue, that became key means of communication. We crafted a stage with a 18×4.80m led wall for the video-presentations, the creative aspect of which was curated by our content editor in synergy with the event’s management.

The organizational office was tasked with the computerized management of the accreditation process, with printing the on-site badges and checking attendance via QR codes.

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