e_mob organizational committee e_mob, the National Conference on Electric Mobility

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e_mob, the National Conference on Electric Mobility

Dates and location: 26, 27 and 28 September 2019, Piazza Lombardia, Milan

Target: general public, heads of universities, associations, research centers and members of the qualified scientific committee of e_mob, citizens

This event led to a considerable strengthening in terms of image and visibility for the companies and institutions that planned or sponsored it, allowing them to reach new target users, and to promote the culture of a more sustainable transportation and mobility, for the sake of the environment and of us all.

E_mob is Italy’s main event devoted to electric mobility. The 2019 edition was held in Palazzo della Regione Lombardia and unfolded over three days of events, debates as well as recreational, educational and didactic moments, in the presence of representatives of the institutions, experts, and large audiences.

Triumph planned the whole event, from the communication campaign to coordinating the participating institutions and companies, to handling activities and visibility for the 51 sponsors that took part in it.

120 speakers led 25 different events during e-mob’s 3-day happening, attended by over 12000 people.

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