TCL Communication Alcatel

From SMS nostalgia to a modern Social Media Strategy

Tag: Digital

  • Online contest management and development

  • Social media marketing

  • Advertising campaigns


Date: 2016 - ongoing

Target: Millennials and new generations

In an age of advanced technology, the product is no longer the primary motivator.

For Alcatel, we examined the company’s history, successes and failures, identified touch points, and examined everything from a fresh perspective.

From “low frequency” consumer communication, social media opened a public channel that spoke directly to, and in the same language as, the identified target: millennials and new generations.

The end-to-end management of Alcatel’s social media enabled us to actively contribute to the brand’s repositioning: product communication gave way to a content strategy based on real-time marketing and ironic language.

We dealt with community management, an online help-desk with relationship management, public and private communications, events, and co-marketing initiatives, all with the goal of protecting the image of the brand and its partners.

The contest “Back to Alcatel,” a fun and engaging quiz, launched in 2019 had a big impact, aiming to excite past generations and entertain today’s, thus finding an engaging meeting point that opened conversations about 90s fashions, events, and customs.