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The legacy of the 24th World Congress of Dermatology

June, 10 2020

On June 10 2019, the world‘s largest dermatology congress took place at the MICO convention center in Milan, registering record–breaking numbers. One year after, what is the legacy of this great event?

From 10 to 15 June 2019, the city of Milan hosted the 24th edition of the World Congress of Dermatology (WCD2019). The central theme for the 6-days long event was the definition of “A new ERA for Global Dermatology”.

Defined by many as a “record-breaking event”, to understand the scale and the nature of its success, we must mention the numbers that made it the largest residential medical conference by appearances: 17000 delegates from 149 countries, 228 exhibitors, of which 18 Major Sponsors, spread across an exhibition area of 15000 square meters, 5777 abstracts collected and 1132 scholarships awarded, 224 between breakout sessions and meetings, 39 sponsored sessions, 10 “Meet the Expert” and 199 representatives of the press coming from 17 different countries.

Furthermore, WCD2019 counted for more than 10 million social interactions with an audience of 3 million people.

Nevertheless, one year later, it would be reductive to describe such a remarkable event looking at the numbers alone. The scientific bequest of a world congress like WCD2019 is invaluable. The multiplicity of voices and experiences put together, the inclusion of dermatology in a broader, multidisciplinary context along with rheumatology, oncology, cosmetic surgery and pediatrics, all tied to personal care, presented a new understanding of the patient, considered in its entirety.

"WCD gave a clear and complete insight of dermatology focusing on its current challenges. The congress was an arena for exchanging ideas and sharing new therapeutic innovations, which we see being progressively adopted by the medical practice. WCD 2019 anticipated future trends of the discipline; new medicines entering in clinical trials were presented, while others, like Cemiplimab (recently approved by AIFA) filled a therapeutic void"as confirmed by Prof. Giovanni Pellacani, President of 24th World Congress of Dermatology.

But the scientific community was not the only one who benefitted from a congress of this size. The city of Milan – already a world–renowned metropolis and tourist attraction – inherited a legacy to diversify and integrate its overall offer, reinforcing its cultural footprint.

The congress, in addition to an impressive economic impact on the city, had another important side effect; it enhanced the delegates’ perception of an open, progressed and cosmopolitan city.

Milan inherits also a small green area that Triumph Group International has offered Parco Nord as a thank you to the whole community for the hospitality granted to the 24th edition of the World Congress of Dermatology.

Hundreds of trees, including oaks, cerro and maples were planted to partially compensate the CO2 emissions of the event and promote sustainability.

“On behalf of the city administration, I would like to thank Triumph Group International for the green donation”declared Roberta Guaineri, Councillor for Tourism and Major Events at the municipality of Milan. "Thanks to events like the World Congress of Dermatology, the city of Milan became one of the most sought–after touristic destinations. The delegates who came here to work were fascinated by the beauty of our city and many of them decided to come back, maybe along with their families. This is why it’s now fundamental to reactivate, with all due safety measures, the extraordinary reception capacity of Milan and to restart crucial happenings as congresses, fairs and conventions."

Lastly, Triumph Group International, the organizer of 24th World Congress of Dermatology, inherited an invisible, yet tangible legacy.

WCD2019 is a unique case history for Triumph, not only in terms of know–how and methodology, but also in terms of the enthusiasm and sense of achievement that quickly spread from the operational team in charge to the whole Group. “The successful outcome of a great event with an international impact represents both a great satisfaction and an important trigger to boost many positive internal processes" as stated by Maria Criscuolo, Chairwoman of TGI. "WCD was the combination of many things and definitively more than “just” a congress. It leveraged both the cultural, historical and social assets of Milan along with the resources of TGI".

Triumph can even pride itself on important national and international awards achieved thanks to the success of WCD2019. The 24th WCD received a gold prize in the category “Medical Congress” at the 10th edition of the Eventex Awards, the Oscars of the event industry, and won the second prize for Greatest Organizational Complexity at BEA (Best Event Awards). The 24th World Congress of Dermatology set a new milestone in the history of medical congresses.

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