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Content and engagement: the challenges faced by virtual events

May, 06 2020

Isn‘t true that the chance of survival of a company depends on its ability to adapt in times of crisis?

Virtual events are definitively a hot topic; an open debate in which many event management companies are measuring themselves, generating a variety of different approaches.

Right now, virtual events represent a "must-have" dictated by the pandemic underway, which has opened new scenarios in the event landscape. Implementing new technologies has gone from a slow (but steady) growing trend, to becoming a necessity for the Events & Live Industry.

The transition to virtual events represents a significant shift for our industry. The event experience, which has traditionally been strongly rooted in the concept of bringing people together in one place, is now losing its old reference system.

Event companies have been forced to respond quickly to the new safety measures, and have focused their attention on available digital platforms. This goes by as an innovation, but for us the topic of virtual events is not such a novelty.

As an international company, we are used to facing the issues posed by geographic and social distance, and we are up to the challenge!

In 2019 Triumph Group International organized a world congress with 17.000 participants from all over the globe, implementing new technologies from planning to execution (streaming, social and more).

Being already familiar with the digital tools available, we are able to focus on what really matters whether you are planning a physical or virtual event .

Our challenge is to convey the content in a new and appealing way. Triumph is turning the congress into a live talk show. We are working on new formats, studying how to attract an audience that is getting used to staying at home and interacting with the outside world though smartphone and PC. In a time where we are hyperconnected, and the supply of digital content might surpass the demand, we have to figure out new ways of engaging event participants. Now more than ever, the secret is to create a hook, a build up to the actual event, through a variety of activities that anticipate the conference themes.

Technology is the means; content is the essence.

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