Governmental events represent for Triumph Group an expertise to be proud of. We have been managing events with a great worldwide prominence – such as the G6, G7 and G8 – attended by the most influential leaders in Europe and all over the world. Choosing Triumph Group means that you would be getting a premium and professional service, with a guarantee of style, memorability and perfect care of protocol for your event.

The staff selected to manage the required services are very experienced in institutional events and have the know-how and, more importantly, the attitude to cope with any situation and issues concerning protocol procedures.

We are able to offer a high-professional protocol assistance from welcome and seating of your guests according to rank and importance  (military, politically and social) in any formal or informal setting.

Applying international organizations protocol, rules and procedures, working in tandem with local protocol officers organizing car convoys, positioning flags, banners and standards.

Our company is NOS (security clearance) certified, this ensures that the activities are performed in full compliance with international security measures and privacy.