We have vast experience in the area of medical conventions. We have performed in this field for many years and know how to take care of every detail and every aspect of an event, from securing sponsorship to designing and producing promotional items. We provide you with a turnkey product and we simplify your work by being your single point of contact.

What we can do for you

Firstly, we can secure the right type of sponsors for your event. Apart from supporting your scientific management programmes, we can find the best site for your event and set it up to best address your needs, organising and managing a dedicated event website. We can also take care of all technical and logistic issues, provide you with interpreting services from and to all the languages required for your event.
We maintain a collaborative rapport with speakers and hosts, gather, print, prepare and distribute all speeches and any other event materials. We contract quality catering services and capable multilingual hostesses and stewards. You will not need to worry about pre-registration, hotel accommodation booking and convention advertising. We are experts in organising memorable social events and can put together “non-participant programmes” for those who accompany event participants, with cultural and recreational activities.
After the event we will publish the conference presentations both on hard and soft copies to send to the attendees and we send you an updated mailing list and accounting reports.